This is a survey that consists of 7 questions about women's self defense, it should take you no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Answer it frankly and honestly, your answers are confidential, and nobody will be able to judge you as to your answers/results. After completing it, the different possible answers will be explained, so that you get accurate and informed feedback on your answers, whether right or wrong.

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What is your gender?


What is the year of your birth?

Have you ever taken a SEPS class, or interacted with any SEPS material/information before?


Have you ever taken a women's self-defense class or course (not SEPS) before?


When walking alone, late at night when are you at your safest?

  When talking on my mobile phone, to somebody who knows where I am
  When texting on my mobile phone, to somebody who knows where I am
  Neither texting, nor talking on my mobile phone

If an armed mugger, demands your wallet/purse, which of the following is your best option?

  You should throw your wallet/purse on the ground, as far away from you as possible
  You should hand your wallet/purse directly to the mugger
  You should scream and shout so as to alert other people to your situation and scare the mugger away

When is your house/apartment most Likely to be Burgled?

  During the day
  Late at night
  Early in the morning

In which of these locations/places are you most likely to be mugged?

  In a dark alley
  In a deserted industrial area
  In a parking lot

What's the shortest time in which you think a rape could occur?

  Under 30 seconds
  5-10 minutes
  No less than 10 minutes

What's the safest way for you to carry a purse or bag?

  Over your shoulder & with the strap across your chest so it is strapped closely to you
  Loosely over one shoulder, where it could easily be pulled away from you
  Gripped tightly with both hands

What's your greatest personal safety "asset" for predicting and preventing violence?

  Understanding how predatory individuals operate
  Your gut feeling and intuition
  Your Common Sense

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