This is a survey that consists of 8 questions about Stalkers & Stalking, it should take you no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Answer it frankly and honestly, your answers are confidential, and nobody will be able to judge you as to your answers/results. After completing it, the different possible answers will be explained, so that you get accurate and informed feedback on your answers, whether right or wrong.

What is your gender?


What is the year of your birth?

Have you ever taken a SEPS class, or interacted with any SEPS material/information before?


Have you ever taken a women's self-defense class or course (not SEPS) before?


The most likely people to be stalked are celebrities, politicians, famous musicians, and other people who are constantly in the public eye:


If you were to be stalked, you are most likely to be stalked by:

  A friend or acquaintance
  An ex-partner or ex-boyfriend
  A Stranger

The most accurate definition of stalking is

  A campaign of direct verbal and physical threats to your safety, committed over a period of time
  Any actions and behaviors, of an individual, spread over a period of time, which causes you to become afraid
  The sending of emails, phone calls, and giving of gifts, which can be annoying and inconvenient, but doesn’t cause you any real stress

Most stalkers end up physically assaulting the people they stalk:


The best way to deal with a stalker is:

  To try and talk/communicate/reason with them
  To get a friend to talk/communicate/reason to them
  To try and avoid talking and communicating with them

If a stalker knows your email address and/or phone number you should change them immediately:


Which of the following profiles best describes the character traits of most stalkers:

  A competitive, no-lose type individual with an active and full social life
  A quiet, hardworking, individual holding down two jobs
  A loner, without a job, or working a part-time job

A very effective way to deal with a stalker is to obtain a restraining order against them from the courts:


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