This is a survey that consists of 7 questions about Rape & Sexual Assaults, it should take you no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Answer it frankly and honestly, your answers are confidential, and nobody will be able to judge you as to your answers/results. After completing it, the different possible answers will be explained, so that you get accurate and informed feedback on your answers, whether right or wrong.

What is your gender?


What is the year of your birth?

Have you ever taken a SEPS class, or interacted with any SEPS material/information before?


Have you ever taken a women's self-defense class or course (not SEPS) before?


You are most likely to be raped and/or sexually assaulted by:

  Someone you know
  A stranger
  A Family Member

You are more likely to be raped if you are physically attractive and dress provocatively?


You are most likely to be raped or sexually assaulted in which of the following places?

  Your house or somebody else's
  In a car or on Public Transport
  In a Park or similar public space

If you're in a relationship, and your partner has sex with you when you don't feel like it and tell him no, it can't technically be classed as rape?


Rapists are most likely to:

  Ambush you, by asking a seemingly innocent question, such as for directions or the time, before assaulting you
  Jump out and attack you from a concealed hiding place, or follow and attack you from behind
  Engage you and distract you in a conversation in order to gain acess to you, possibly asking you to go with them to a particular place (such as their car, a bar, another place etc). before assaulting you.

It is never a good idea to hand over your wallet to a mugger, because it may contain items such as driving licenses etc. which contain personal information, including your address, which would allow them to find out where you live and rape/sexually assault you.


Most non-consensual sex that happens between people who know each other, is actually:

  Pre-planned and Orchestrated, maybe a long time in advance
  A Misunderstanding of intentions, usually as the result of excessive alcohol consumption
  Due to, a situation where actions and behaviors on the part of the woman, meant that the man wasn't able to control his sexual urges and desires

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