This is a survey that consists of 8 questions about Abusive Relationships, it should take you no more than a couple of minutes to complete. Answer it frankly and honestly, your answers are confidential, and nobody will be able to judge you as to your answers/results. After completing it, the different possible answers will be explained, so that you get accurate and informed feedback on your answers, whether right or wrong.

What is your gender?


What is the year of your birth?

Have you ever taken a SEPS class, or interacted with any SEPS material/information before?


Have you ever taken a women's self-defense class or course (not SEPS) before?


Your partner’s actions can only be classed as physically abusive, if you are physically hurt or injured by them?


You can often identify potentially abusive partners, in the early stages of a relationship, by their actions and behaviors (listed below):

  They talk a lot about commitment, and discuss/make plans for the two of you, very early on in the relationship
  They seem unable to control their emotions, and will get aggressive and angry at the slightest thing you say or do, that they disagree with
  They seem indifferent and disconnected to anything you say or do

If you were in the early stages of a relationship and were asked to characterize your partner, who behaved abusively towards you, how do you think you would best describe them to your friends, family and acquaintances etc.

  A misunderstood individual, who never got a fair chance, or opportunity, to demonstrate the amazing person they are i.e. someone who just never got the breaks they deserved etc.
  Somebody who had anger issues, who couldn’t control themselves, and whose anger/aggression would get them in a lot of trouble one day, and that there have been times when you feared for your safety

If a partner, in a committed relationship, says things that hurt your feelings, such as criticizing what you wear and how much money that you spend on certain things, they are only saying these things because they care about you, and want what’s best for you:


When you are in a committed relationship, you should reduce the amount of time you spend with friends and family because:

  You have less time now that you are in a relationship
  Because, your relationship now meets the needs that your friends and family once met
  Because your partner wants you to – and you should meet his needs first

In cases of physical abuse, it is usually actions and behaviors, on the part of the woman e.g. nagging, criticizing and being argumentative, that causes their partner to become physically abusive.


A partner who discounts and refuses your request to wear a condom whilst having sex, and instead tells you that he won’t ejaculate inside you, is guilty of sexual abuse?


Which one of the following, would most represent a partner disrespecting a personal boundary:

  Organizing a surprise birthday party for you, and inviting your friends and family to attend
  Taking your dry cleaning, with their own, to be cleaned
  Taking your car into the garage to be fixed without telling you

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